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The start of my life as a live art artist at weddings began one December four years ago, when at the encouragement and push from a photographer friend I decided to do live art at Lindsay and Brian's wedding at the Juno towers in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Having not painted live in front of totally unknown people I was a little nervous. I arrived at the venue several hours earlier than the wedding reception was going to start, armed with extra water colour paper (in case I messed up, spilled ink or some dark colours where it was necessary). While I waited in the room I had a good look at the room, didn't have much decoration except for some paper lanterns falling from the ceiling.

I decided to concentrate on the tall windows as the background, added luxurious curtains and create a dance floor with the bride and groom and everyone else dancing.. The guests were intrigued, came around again and again to see what I was painting, requesting if I could include them and I obliged wherever I could. When the bride came around to see the painting I could see that she was very happy.







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