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About the Artist 

 I am a water colour artist and I have been painting landscapes and figures for many years. I do impressionist-style paintings which try to capture a moment, a scene or a feeling in colors. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, I have had many exhibitions over the years in this city. Since 2013, with  a rising interest in my paintings of special occasions, and encouragement from friends and family members (including wedding photographer Trevor Allen), I began painting live at weddings.


I have always loved painting people in various activities (such as dancing and playing music), and weddings are on top of my list. My goal is to capture the atmosphere and emotions running throughout the event. I arrive at a wedding venue about half an hour before the event, set up my painting corner,and start a painting from scratch that will be finished by the end of the function. The excited faces of the bride and groom when I present them with the completed painting gives me immense pleasure.  


In preparation for the event I try to meet the bridal couple and or family few month sbefor the event so that I can answer all their questions and also explain how I paint. I have often been asked about how I can paint everyone moving, dancing or doing something or the  other, in one painting. My answer is that as I start and continue with this large piece of art that creates memories, I observe the guests as they come onto the dance floor, children as they play in the corner, and even some guests who are hovering around the bar, and quickly sketch them in...and add to the painting progress. By the end of the evening, I would create a vibrant and dynamic wedding reception where everyone is having fun.

Do I choose the background or the special view of the reception? Once I am in the venue I look around to see what would create a good painting as well as keep the bride and groom in the centre of it. Almost always the venue organizers are very helpful in helping me to set up my painting station. 

Although I am based in Nova Scota, I have traveled and will continue to travel to other cities to provide live art services around the country. I have also done several commissioned pieces, based on photographs, for other special ocassions (wedding and non-wedding related), including anniversaries, birthdays, mother's and father's days, mother and child, families, and other happy moments. Thank you for your interest!


~ Najma Sharif 


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