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About the pricing

Different cities and different costs, 2024

The size of the painting is 30' by 22" ....which when framed becomes larger and can be displayed on a large wall

Impressionistic paintings are created with a combination of water colour and pen & ink. Painting size is 30" by 22"

  • The art is started and finished on the wedding day itself, in front of you and all your guests and given to you the same day.

  • Please consult the list below for different Live art packages available

A minimum airfare is added to this to travel to other cities. In most cities I do not add the accommodation cost if I can stay with family. Otherwise one night''s accommodation at the venue ia added. If the venue is very far from a city some extra travel costs need to be added to the price. 

Basic Package 1: This is my base in Nova Scotia. Live art on wedding day (takes approximately 7 to 8 hours).

   Halifax: $1295.00


Package 2: Live art on wedding day. Add a commissioned painting of the size 11"" by 7.5 "  from your choice of wedding photographs of first dance, flower gir,ls, fa'ther daughter  dance or any other choice, by just adding $100.00


Package 3: Live art on wedding day. Plus thank you' cards made from a print of a painting done for you. $3.50 per card.


Package 4:  Live  art  on wedding  day.  Add  a commissioned  painting  of the size 1 1 " by 7.5" (for $100.00) from your choice of wedding photographs of first dance,  flower  girls,  father  daughter  dance  or any other you wish. Plus thank you cards ($3.50 each)  made  from print of a painting done for you.


There is no tax charged.


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